TACLA27698C - HM914594 - Electrical & Solar Division LIC#22883 - Plumbing Division RMP#18806

The Inflector


Inflector Solar Shades are a unique, energy-saving product that acts as a solar filtering, reflective thermal shade. They stabilize the indoor temperature by reflecting or absorbing solar heat and blocking up to 92% UV while allowing natural light and providing a safer, more comfortable environment. They also significantly reduce your energy bills.
Inflector works all year by keeping heat in the building during winter and keeping it out during the summer. Thereby permanently reducing your energy bills. Inflector works to save you energy in three ways: Reflectivity – Reflecting solar heat gain back out. Emissivity – At most, Inflector only emits 5% of the radiant heat. Absorption – Inflector’s dark reverse side absorbs heat from the sun in winter and re-radiates it into your building, resulting in lower heating costs. Inflector Solar Shades are uniquely engineered to provide solar filtering and offer a range of installation options to suit each individual building’s interior design. The reflective thermal shades aid in stabilizing indoor temperatures by allowing natural light in reflecting solar heat and UV to create a safer, more comfortable environment along with lower energy bills.

Developed from NASA technology Inflector Solar Shades
Inflector Solar Shades are the result of many years of research and development, refined into the product we offer you today.